Paul MacCotter

Dr Paul MacCotter, Research Associate

MacCotter History and Genealogy Research is a research service offered by Dr Paul MacCotter, who has pursued a dual career as a medieval historian and specialist genealogist. General and specialist (pre-1800) genealogical research is offered, as well as Irish surname history studies and y-DNA historical interpretation. These services avail of Dr MacCotter’s broad range of knowledge of genealogical and related historical sources, assuring clients of a bespoke genealogy service of the highest standard. Dr MacCotter also lectures at university and community levels in the fields of genealogy and history. He has published and reviewed extensively on genealogical matters in genealogical journals such as Irish Genealogist, and hosted ‘The Irish Surname Expert’ column for several years in Irish Roots magazine.

Dr MacCotter obtained his MA from University College Cork, on the subject of the Anglo-Norman lineage of Carew (1994), and his PhD in 2006, on the subject of medieval Irish spatial divisions, a subject in which he is a leading authority. Outside of his genealogical publications, Dr MacCotter has published several books and numerous journal articles on Irish historical themes and studies, and has won a prestigious Government of Ireland post-doctoral fellowship, as well as working as historical consultant and senior research fellow for the INSTAR-funded Making Christian Landscapes project in the Department of Archaeology, UCC.

Dr MacCotter currently lectures on the Duhallow Certificate in History of Family & Genealogical Methods 2012-2013 and on the Diploma in Genealogy at UCC, both of which are offered by IARC.