Lorna Moloney

Ms Lorna Moloney, Educational Project Manager and Visiting Lecturer in History of Family and Genealogical Methods, PhD Candidate NUIG

Lorna acts as the educational project manager of IARC. She teaches on family history at certificate level at the University of Limerick and on the workshops delivered in genealogy at IARC. Lorna develops workshop and course designs with genealogical frameworks.

Lorna Moloney is a doctoral candidate at (N.U.I. Galway). Her thesis, ‘Conquered lands – the Anglicisation of MacNamaras Clare, 1259-1603′, is being supervised by Professor Steven Ellis. Her academic profile can viewed at http://nuigalway.academia.edu/LornaMoloney. She has been a visiting lecturer at the University of Limerick since 2003, during which time she has also taught on courses across the School of Humanities, Departments of Mechanical and Operations Engineering and Graduate Studies School, University of Limerick. Lorna has taught FETAC Modules from Fetac 1 - 6 and is a fully qualified trainer for adult learners.

Lorna is a director of East Clare Heritage, (12th century Romanesque church: St. Cronins) a not for profit organisation dealing with tourism, built heritage and historical remits. Lorna is a representative member of CIGO: The Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations (CIGO), a group for the various national and international organisations sharing an interest in Irish genealogical research. CIGO lobby for better and greater access to source material and through this work CIGO give a voice to those involved in Irish genealogical research across the island of Ireland and beyond. Lorna holds full membership of I.P.C.R.A.: Irish Professional Conservators and Restorer’s Association. This is Ireland’s largest association of trained and experienced conservators & restorers working in the conservation profession and is active in both the private and the museum sectors. Her area of conservation lies within the remit of Collection Care.